Institute of Applied Problems of Physics
Institute of Applied Problems of Physics
Division of Physics and Astrophysics
Specialization: Physics, Solid State Physics, Acoustophysics, Nuclear Physics, Elementary Particle Physics, Liquid Crystals Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Acoustics, Material Technology, Scientific Instrumentation
Founded year: 1980
Director: Candidate of Phys.-Math. Sci.
Vahan R. Kocharyan
Address: 25, Hr.Nersessian Str., Yerevan 0014, Republic of Armenia
Phone number: (+374 10) 245896
Fax: (+374 10) 248575
E-mail: vahkocharyan {[ at ]}, info {[ at ]}
Main Fields of Activity

Interaction of electromagnetic radiation (Mössbauer, X-ray, optical, ultrahigh frequency) and of elementary particles (neutrons, electrons, positrons) with solids in the presence of external excitations (acoustic waves, temperature gradients, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields); monitoring of low-temperature plasma parameters by means of acoustic fields; development of the catastrophe theory for description of phase transitions in physical systems in the presence of external excitations (acoustic waves, temperature and electromagnetic fields); influence of external factors (pressure, acoustic waves, electric and magnetic fields) on physical, electrophysical and contact properties of the matter (semiconductors, semiconductor heterogeneous junctions, high-temperature superconductors, liquid crystals); inverse problems in the spectroscopy of solids; acoustics; material sciences; information exchange between biological objects.