Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory after V. Ambartsumian
Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory after V. Ambartsumian
Division of Physics and Astrophysics
Specialization: Astrophysics
Founded year: 1946
Director: Candidate of Phys.-Math. Sci.
Areg M. Mickaelian
Address: Byurakan, province Aragatsotn, 378433, Republic of Armenia
Phone number: (+374 91) 195914
Fax: (+374 10) 569281
E-mail: aregmick {[ at ]}
Main Fields of Activity

Detection and study of galaxies possessed by active nuclei and other forms of activity, study of extragalactic objects from the First and Second Byurakan spectral surveys, observational and theoretical studies of systems of galaxies, including the compact and wide groups of galaxies, analysis of the influence of activity processes on the objects' evolution.
Studies of star formation regions, including the non-stable young objects of our Galaxy, detection and studies of stellar associations and their typical population - non-stable and flare stars, H-alpha emission stars, young stars possessing of various types of activity, including the anisotropic optical jets, detection and studies of nebula, detection and exploration of blue stellar objects and late type stars from Byurakan spectral surveys.
Mathematical modeling of actual problems of astrophysics, interpretation of spectra of cosmic objects, theory of radiation transfer in stohastically inhomogeneous media, problems of the observational cosmology, including the formation of cosmic objects belonging to various hierarchical levels and their evolution.
Astronomical instrument-making, including the design and building of telescopes and astronomical towers and domes.