Institute of Economics after M. Kotanyan
Institute of Economics after M. Kotanyan
Division of Armenology and Social Sciences
Specialization: The problems of republic's social-economic development
Founded year: 1955
Director: Ph.D., Associate Professor
Meri G. Manucharyan
Address: Yerevan 0015, Republic of Armenia, Grigor Lusavorich Str., 15
Phone number: (+374 10) 581971
Fax: (+374 10) 569281
E-mail: nas_ie {[ at ]}
Main Fields of Activity

- Macroeconomic Issues and Finances: anti-crisis programs and measures both in Armenia and in other countries; entrepreneurship current issues and respective approaches to resolve them in Armenia; issues of improving macroeconomic conditions in Armenia: design of efficient anti-crisis measures and programs.
- Issues of the Real Sector of Economy: regulation issues of the management of Armenian agricultural production processes and approaches to resolve them; estimates of enriched scraps by the mining industry and assessment of environmental damage caused by them.
- Development of Services Sector and Social Demographic Issues: economic issues that prevent forming E-government and E-society in Armenia and approaches to resolve them; social and demographic developments in Armenia.
- Theoretical Research and History of Economic Thought: green economy development priority to ensure human development and poverty eradication; the main streams of Armenian Economic thought in the 70-90s of the 19th century.

Main Results

- The Institute published many monographs and articles and papers that addressed many approaches for resolving various economic issues in Armenia. Among notable publications or recent are the following books: Harutyunyan, V. The Global Financial Crisis: Cause Roots, Anti-crisis Measures and Lessons Learned; Suvaryan, Yu., Harutyunyan, V., Sargsyan, V. & Khachatryan, V. Science and Education System and Economic Development; Avagyan, H. Paths and Prospects of Development of Mining and Metallurgy Industries in Armenia. Books related to the history of economic thought are Line-up of Prominent Economists (Post- and Pre-Keynesian Periods): Scientific Biographical Sketches in two volumes; and Armenian Economists, and etc.
- The Institute periodically publishes "Social and Economic Development Modern Issues in the Republic of Armenia" Conference Proceedings as a serial.
- Many results and findings of applied research conducted within the scope of various themes and projects have been provided and/or submitted to the Government of Armenia in form of policy recommendations and conclusions.