Shirak Armenology Research Center
Shirak Armenology Research Center
Division of Armenology and Social Sciences
Specialization: Archeology, historiography, ethnography
Founded year: 1997
Director: Candidate of Historical Sci.
Armen S. Hayrapetyan
Address: Republic of Armenia, Gyumri 3101, Khaghaghutyan Oghak 8/31
Phone number: (+374 312) 69477
E-mail: hkentron {[ at ]}
Main Fields of Activity

- An investigation of new archaeological monuments in the territory of the region,
- Old history of the Akhurian river basin in the first millenium B.C. (tribes, tribal countries, traditions, faith, mythology),
- Shirak’s new and modern history (socio-political, social and cultural life of Aleksandrapol and its province, ethnodemography),
- Aleksandrapol- Leninakan- Gyumri’s  material and spiritual culture, historioethnography,
- Ethnopsychological studies in the disasterous zone (mental toughness in stressful situations, disaster folklore),
- Shirak’s folk music and compository heritage, a history of Aleksandrapol’s band school),
- Shirak’s modern dialects

Main Results

- There have been discovered 10 archaeological monuments, among them are the cave suburb of Ani situated in the Akhurian gorge, Haykadzor’s Late- Urartian castle- settlement, the Early Bronze Age templar complex of Mets Sepasar, Azatan’s three-layered monument and others.
- Rich material of ethnographic origin has been collected and cultivated, the demographic,  educational and  cultural processes have been investigated in the province of Aleksandrapol in XIX and at the beginning of the XX century.

- The center’s "Research Papers" of 15 volumes- 8 volumes of international conferences materials  concerning "Shirak’s historio-cultural heritage"- 2 series of issues " Shirak’s archaeological and historioethnographic studies" -15 monographes, among them are "Classes and three-class manifestations in Old Armenia", "The province of Aleksandrapol in statistical materials: XIX-XX cc.", "Eastern Shirak in the first half of the XIX c.", "Western-Armenian refugees in the province of Aleksandrapol in 1914-1922" and others.