Institute of Language after H. Acharian
Institute of Language after H. Acharian
Division of Armenology and Social Sciences
Specialization: Armenian Studies: History of Armenian Language and Functioning
Founded year: 1943
Director: Dr. of Philol. Sci.
Viktor L. Katvalyan
Address: Yerevan 0015, Republic of Armenia, Grigor Lusavorich Str., 15
Phone number: (+374 10) 565337
Fax: (+374 10) 569281
E-mail: instlingv {[ at ]}
Main Fields of Activity

- investigation of the structure and functioning, history and comparative grammar of the Armenian language,  exploration of the  literary Eastern and Western Armenian Language, dialectology, regulation of literary language, development of terminology
- problems of didactic linguistics
- applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, text  linguistics
- compiling of etymological, bilingual, dialectological, spelling- orthoepic and  terminological dictionaries, electronic concordances.

Main Results

Are completed or come to the completion:
- four-volume history of the Armenian language (the volume dedicated to the pre-written period is published), description of the newest period of Western Armenian is ready,
- three-volume historical grammar of Armenian (two volumes have been published),
- Armenian dialectological atlas (first experimental volume of "Dialectological Atlas of the Armenian Language" is published),
- compiling of the complete dictionary of ancient Armenian of VI-VII centuries (electronic version).

- "Modern Armenian Language" three-volume academic grammar,
- "Outlines of Middle Literary Armenian’s History" (two-volume),
- "The Explanatory Dictionary of Modern Armenian Language" (four-volume),
- "Russian-Armenian" (four-volume) and "Armenian-Russian" translational dictionaries,
- "Dictionary of Armenian Dialectal Words" (six-volume),
- "Armenian Etymological Dictionary",
- author's concordances of   ancient Armenian  literature (more then 20 volumes), monographs concerning numerous dialects, the vocabularies of V century grabar and Armenian translational literature, the study of semantic groups of ancient Armenian vocabulary, the comparative lexicology of Armenian, the words not cited in New Haykazyan dictionary, the history of  Latin Armenian (XIV- XVIII centuries).
- "The Corpus of Armenian Territorial Variants" is created.
- The ponetic representation of dialectal materials of the Armenian language is developed. Data basis of word-meaning and lexical  isoglosses of Armenian dialects are proven.
- Since 2006 the institute has published "Jahukyan readings", and also topics of young linguists’ republican annual scientific conferences (seven and two volumes accordingly).