Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography
Division of Armenology and Social Sciences
Specialization: Archaeology, Ethnography, Ethno-sociology, Anthropology, Epigraphy
Founded year: 1959
Director: PhD in History
Arsen A. Bobokhyan
Address: Yerevan 0025, Republic of Armenia, Charents str. 15
Phone number: (+374 10) 556896
Fax: (+374 10) 556896
E-mail: info {[ at ]}, arsen.bobokhyan {[ at ]}
Main Fields of Activity

- archaeology
- epigraphy
- ethnography
- ethnology
- ethno-sociology 
- folkloristics
- physical anthropology

Main Results

- Formation of Armenian school of material and non-material cultural heritage studies.
- Formation and development of source basis for study of history of Armenian material and spiritual culture in ancient and medieval times.
- Discovery and description of Stone Age, 7th-1st millennia BC archaeological cultures, as  well as developments of ancient societies, archaeological reflections of ancient state formations, multi-layered niveaus of Armenian material and spiritual culture of Classical and Christian periods.
- Excavations and investigations of hundreds of sites from Neolithic to Bronze Age, from the period of Van Kingdom to Classical times and Middle Ages.
- Gathering, deciphering and interpretation of hundreds of epigraphic inscriptions from the Armenian Highland and Diaspora.
- Investigation of Armenian economic life and habits, ethnographic reflections of material and spiritual life, traditional and modern social relations, folks’ transport, beliefs, cult and ritual.
- Recording, investigation and publication of a great deal of material on different folkloristic genres, essential researches in spheres of Armenian mythology and folklore.
- Publication of many monographs as well as periodicals such as "Archaeological excavations in Armenia" (23 volumes), "Archaeological Sites of Armenia" (21 volumes), "Corpus of Armenian Epigraphy" (9 volumes), "Armenian Folk Tales" (17 volumes), "Armenian Ethnography and Folkloristics" (26 volumes).