Institute of History
Institute of History
Division of Armenology and Social Sciences
Specialization: Armenian history
Founded year: 1943
Director: Academician, Dr. of Hist. Sci., Professor
Ashot A. Melqonyan
Address: 24g Marshall Baghramian Ave., Yerevan 0019, Republic of Armenia
Phone number: (+374 10) 529263, (+374 10) 581931
Fax: (+374 10) 569281
E-mail: history {[ at ]}
Main Fields of Activity

- The formation of the Armenian people in the Armenian Highland. The history of the ancient Armenian statehood
- The Medieval history of Armenia. History of the Armenian statehopd in Cilicia
- History of the Armenian Church
- The Armenian national-liberation movements
- The Armenian Question and the Genocide of the Armenians
- The history of Armenian press and public thought. The history of formation of the Armenian political streams and parties
- History of the Armenian Communities and Armenian Diaspora
- The demographic processes in Armenia.
- The History of the I (1918-1920), II (1920-1991) and III (1991-) Republic of Armenia, NKAO, NKR.
- History of the Armenian Communities and Armenian Diaspora
- The Armenian Historiography and Source Studies

Main Results

Two-volumes of "The Minor Chronicles", multi-volume of "The Memorable Records of the Armenian Manuscripts", "The Armenian Code of laws”, collections of papers and documents on topics: the annexation of Eastern Armenia to Russia, the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire and the policy of the great states (in Arm., Rus., German.), the political history of the First Republic of Armenia, the History of Nagorno-Karabakh in 1917-1923, the participation of the Armenians in the Second World War, the Armenian-Russian, Armenian-Ukrainian, Armenian-Hungarian historical and cultural ties and etc., two-volumes of "History of the Armenian Settlements", the first volume of the "History of Armenian periodicals (XVIII-XIX centuries)"
- The achievements of the Armenian historians during the Soviet period were summarized in the eight-volume of "History of the Armenian people" (Yerevan, 1967-1984), published by the Institute of History. It was awarded the State Prize
- The achievements of the Armenian historians reached during the period of  independence, will be introduced  in the new academic edition of "The History of Armenian people", which is preparing for publication by the Institute of History of NAS RA (4 volumes, each includes two books and the English and Russian variants - each in one volume). In 2010 the first book of the third volume (second half of the XVII century - 1900) and the first book of the fourth volume (1918-1945) were published
- The Institute publishes the collection of the scientific articles "Questions of History of the Armenian people"