Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry after M.G. Manvelyan
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry after M.G. Manvelyan
Division of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Specialization: Complex processing of natural raw materials and industrial wastes; development of novel technologies for waste treatment
Founded year: 1957
Director: Candidate of Tech. Sci.
Karen G. Grigoryan
Address: 10, Argutyan Str., 0051, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Phone number: (+374 10) 230738, (+374 91) 470267
Fax: (+374 10) 235100
E-mail: ionx {[ at ]}, kar_grig05 {[ at ]}
Main Fields of Activity

The development of technologies for the complex processing of non-metallic raw materials; complex retreatment of high-melting, multicomponent metallic ores and industrial wastes; the production of nanosize, nanocomposite, superhard, superpurity, glassy, vitrocrystalline, high-temperature complex biologically active materials, the synthesis of novel materials having functional signification, the chemical conversions of inorganic compounds and materials under the chain gasphase reactions.

Main Results

Novel forms of biologically active elements of trivalent low molecular of polyoxymolybdates; the technology of production for mullite and luminophors via sol-gel method followed by sedimentation at low temperatures; the microwave method of the production from rocks at high temperatures for ceramic pigments having diopside and mullite structure and high coloring power; the technology of production for polycrystalline silicon and magnesium involving the methods of mechanoactivation, acid processing and different reducers from ultrabasic rocks; the production mechanism for glassceramics having polar crystalline structure based on halogen-lanthanum containing systems; glasses having high refrangibility, cation-anion conductivity, ferroelectrics, bioglassceramics; a novel plasmomechanochemical method for syntheses of diamond, nanosized powders of Fe, Co, Ni and their alloys; adsorbents, ion-exchange reactors, filter-materials, carrying agents from amorphous layered silicates and stones; the technology of production for nanosized superpurity compounds of molybdenum.
The investigation of the hydrometallurgical extraction processes.
The development of the complex technique for geochemical reconnaissance of ore deposits and for environmental evaluation of ore fields and zones, it is shown that sulphides, sulphates, chlorides and oxides of various metals (Cu, Fe, Ti, Pb, Mo, Zn, Al) and also non-metallic mineral silicate raw material are exposed to efficient heterophase chemical conversion under the chain gasphase reactions.

International Activity

The Institute successfully collaborates with scientific organizations and centers of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia by participating in joint projects, investigations and developments. The researchers take an active part in international scientific conferences, symposiums and congresses. The international conferences of «Chemistry and Chemical Technology» are periodically organized and held by the Institute.