NAS RA has called on its international partners to urge their countries to recognize Artsakh's independence

NAS RA has called upon the international scientific community to condemn the aggression of Turkey and Azerbaijan against the people of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh); and to recognize the independence of Republic of Artsakh.  Emphasizing the humanitarian motives of this appeal, NAS RA considers the recognition of Republic of Artsakh as the only viable means to stop the heavy war crimes against the peaceful civilian population of Artsakh, and to prevent the continuation of the Armenian Genocide by the Turks, which started a century ago.
The appeal specifically states: “Turkey and Azerbaijan launched a large scale terroristic assault against the peaceful population of Artsakh (The Republic of Nagorno Kharabakh). Ignoring international calls for a ceasefire, and openly declaring that their ultimate goal is the ethnic cleansing of the Armenian population, the Turkish/Azeri/Terrorist alliance is continuing to bombard the civilian population using internationally prohibited weaponry. They are also employing several thousand elite special operations forces from Turkey and Pakistan, as well as mercenary terrorists recruited from Syria.   
There has been hardly a village left in Nagorno Kharabakh that has not been affected by relentless shelling.  There are hundreds of dead and wounded among the civilian population as well as whole scale property and infrastructure destruction.
Although Azerbaijan officially signed under ceasefire document (October 10, 2020, Moscow), its military forces breached that same agreement within minutes of signing it. 
Artsakh and the whole Armenian nation have been heroically withstanding the assault; however Azerbaijan, militarily aided by NATO member Turkey, has been continuing the barbaric aggression. Given the grave circumstances, we find that International recognition of Artsakh’s independence is the only alternative to restoring peace and security in the region.
The National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia is urging your organizations to contact decision makers within your respective countries, in order to point out the urgent necessity of recognizing the independence of Republic of Artsakh.  Again, this the only alternative to stop the ethnic cleansing of peaceful Armenians from Nagorno Kharabakh, and to prevent the continuation and fulfillment of Armenian Genocide fulfilled by Turks in early twentieth century.
In conclusion, we are stating that our appeal has only humanitarian motives”.The appeal has been sent to the academies of Russia, USA, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Great Britain, Brazil, Iran, China, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Romania,  Bulgaria, Lithuania, Argentina, Slovenia, Poland, Athens, Cyprus, Israel, Lisbon, Ukraine, Austria, Estonia, Mexico, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, India, Finland, Latvia, , Japan , Belgium, Georgia, International Association of Academies of Sciences (IAAS), Association of European Academies, (ALLEA) Alliance of International Scientific Organizations (ANSO), Royal Society, International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Network (ICRANet), Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT).

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