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Vahagn N. Dadrian
Specialization: History
Date of birth: 26/05/1926
Date of death: 02/08/2019
Membership: Foreign Member
Country: USA

Education:Graduated from the universities of Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Chicago (1954). Ph.D. in sociology (1954), Honorary Doctor (1995) and Professor (1970) of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Foreign member (1998)


Positions:His academic background includes affiliations with Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has lectured at Idaho, Boston, Wisconsin, Florida Atlantic, and Duke Universities. Professor of Sociology at the State University of New York from 1970 to 1991. Visiting professor of Parma and Torino (Italy), Uppsala (Sweden) and other universities around the world. Professor Dadrian has been Director of Genocide Research at the Zoryan Institute (USA) since 1999

Other information

Lived in USA.

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