Members / Deceased academicians
Viktor A. Ambartsumian
Specialization: Astrophysics
Place of birth: Tbilisi
Date of birth: 18/09/1908
Date of death: 12/08/1996
Membership: Academician

Graduated from LSU (1928). Doctor of Phys. and Math. Sciences (1935), prof. (1934), acad. (1943), acad of USSR NA (1953, corr. member 1939)


LSU prof. (1934-1944). Vice-president of NA of Soviet Socialist RA (1947-1993), president (1947-1993), director and founder of BAO of NAS RA (1946-1996)

Membership of other Organizations

Member of more than 20 national academies. Vice-president of the International Astronomical Union (1948-1955), President of (IAU) (1961-1964), President of the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) (1968-1972)


Twice Hero of Socialistic Labour, USSR State Prises, awarded Lenin (5), October Revolution, Red Banner of Labour (2) medals, M.Y. Lomonosov, I. Vavilov, H. Helmholts medals