Members / Academicians
Radik B. Kostanyan
Specialization: Laser physics
Place of birth: Dilijan
Date of birth: 07/04/1940
Membership: Academician
Date of Election: 2014
Country: Armenia
Phone number: (+374 10) 288150, (+374 10) 524780
E-mail: kost {[ at ]}, rakost {[ at ]}, physdiv {[ at ]}

Graduated from YSU (1962), Doctor of phys. and Math. Sciences (1992), corr. member of NAS RA (2006), academician of NAS RA (2014), prof. (2015)


Head of laboratory of the Institute for physical research of NAS RA, Academician-Secretary of the Division of Physics and Astrophysics of NAS RA (since 2016), Member of the Presidium of NAS RA (since 2016)

Membership of other Organizations

Foreign member of the Russian Engineering Academy after A.M. Prokhorov


Award of President of Armenia (Physics 2009), Prokhorov Prize Winner (Physics 2009, Russia), Gold medal after N.N. Semenov of the Engineering Academy after A.M. Prokhorov (Physical and chemical sciences and materials science 2021, Russia)