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Aram A. Shahinyan
Specialization: Chemistry
Place of birth: Yerevan, Armenia
Date of birth: 26/06/1938
Date of death: 04/02/2020
Membership: Academician

Graduated from YSU (1962), Dr of Chem. Sciences (1982), Dr of Phys. and Math. Sciences (1992). Prof. (1990), Acad. (2010, corr.-member 2000)


Academician-Secretary of Chemistry and Earth Sciences Division of NAS RA (2007-2008) Academician-Secretary of NAS RA (2008-2011), Member of presidium of NAS RA (2007-2011), Scientific supervisor of National Scientific–Educational Center of NAS RA (2011)

Membership of other Organizations

Member of American Chemical and American Photobiological Society