Members / Deceased academicians
David M. Sedrakyan
Specialization: Theorical Physics, Astrophysics
Place of birth: Yerevan
Date of birth: 09/12/1938
Date of death: 01/12/2019
Membership: Academician

Graduated from YSU (1961) Doctor in Physics & Mathematics (1971), Corr.-member (1996), full member of NAS RA (1990), Fellow ANAS (1986)


Head of Academician Victor Ambardzoumyan's Chair of General Physics and Astrophysics, Yerevan State University (YSU), Editor-in-Chief of "Astrofizika" journal

Membership of other Organizations

Armenian Physical Society, Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS, 2009)


Lenin Young Communists’ Union Prize (1970), Anania Shirakatsi medal (1999), First Decree Medal for the Services Rendered to Fatherland (2019)