Members / Deceased academicians
Misak V. Melkonyan
Specialization: Genetics and selection
Place of birth: v. Cebelda, Abhazia
Date of birth: 13/03/1938
Date of death: 07/11/2008
Membership: Academician

Graduated from Yerevan Agricultural Institute (1963). Doctor of Biological Sciences (1981), prof. (1969), acad. (1996, corr. member 1990)


Chef of Department of scientific research of the Institute of selection, genetics and Ampelografy of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (1994)

Membership of other Organizations

A member of Crimyan Academy of Sciences, the International academy of Viniculture and Winemaking

Other information

The Deputy Director of Scientific Research Institute of Viniculture, Winemaking and fruit growing (1975-1985), the Chief of association Minprom РА (1985-1987), General director АПО "Zvartnoc" of Echmiadzin (1987-1994),