Members / Deceased academicians
Stepan G. Matsoyan
Specialization: Organic chemistry
Place of birth: Batoumi
Date of birth: 16/03/1923
Date of death: 26/11/2010
Membership: Academician

Graduated from SEUA (1948). Dr. of Chem. Sciences (1965), prof. (1967), acad. (1982, corr. member 1974)


Council of the director of Institute of Organic Chemistry (since 1988)

Membership of other Organizations

Honorary Member of the German Academy of Sciences, Member of NAS RA


Was awarded with Friendship of People and Ananiya Shirakaci medals

General Publications

The author of more than 500 science publications, patents and three monographs

Other information

Head of the laboratory of Monomer's and Polymer's Chemistry (1959-1967), director of Institute of Organic Chemistry of NAS RA (1967-1988)