Members / Deceased academicians
Spartak S. Hovhannisyan
Specialization: Molecular biochemistry
Place of birth: Leninakan
Date of birth: 09/06/1925
Date of death: 08/01/2008
Membership: Academician

Graduated from Yerevan Zoo vet Institute (1948). Doctor of Biological Sciences (1968), prof. (1971), acad. (1995, corr. member 1991)


Chief of Laboratory of molecular cardiology of Institute of cardiology by name L.A.Oganesjana (since 1962)

Membership of other Organizations

A member of the World association of surgeons


Awarded with a medal of Babak by the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences

Other information

Professor of the Faculty of Molecular physics of YSU (1971-1996)