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Mezhlum A. Sumbatyan
Specialization: Mechanics
Date of birth: 05/02/1954
Membership: Foreign Member
Date of Election: 28.11.2008
Country: Russian Federation
Phone number: (+7-863) 247 67 54
E-mail: sumbat {[ at ]}

Dr. of Phys. and Math. Sciences, Prof.


Professor of the Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science of Southern Federal University

Membership of other Organizations

Invited for a Membership in the Acoustical Society of America (1995), Invited to be a Member of Technical Committee on Building and Architectural Acoustics of the European Acoustical Society (2002)


Was awarded with Golden medal for the 1-st place in the student research Olympiad (1976), Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Rostov State University