Members / Deceased academicians
Rafael A. Alexandryan
Specialization: Mathematics
Place of birth: Leninakan, Armenia
Date of birth: 29/03/1923
Date of death: 22/03/1988
Membership: Academician

Graduated from YSU (1945), Dr. of Phys.-Math. Sciences (1962), prof. (1964), acad. (1986, corr. member 1965)


Head of Chair of YSU (1954-1960, 1978-1988), Dean (1978-1988), Director of computing centre of ArmSSR (1956-1962), Head of Department of the Institute of Mathematics (1963-1976)


Laureate of State award of USSR (1986). Has been awarded with order "Honor Decoration"

Other information

Deserved activist of science and technique of ArmSSR (1974)