Members / Deceased academicians
Vladimir M. Aroutiounian
Specialization: Radiophysics and Electronics
Place of birth: Yerevan
Date of birth: 30/08/1940
Date of death: 11/10/2022
Membership: Academician

MS Diploma from Kiev Polytechnic Institute (in 1964). Doctor of Phy. & Math. (in 1979), prof. (in 1981), corr. member ANAS (in 1990). Acad. (in 1996)


Chairman, Yerevan State University (since 1977). Editor in Chief of Journal "Physics". ANAS (since 1992)

Membership of other Organizations

Member of the Armenian Engineering Academy. Foreign Member of the Russian Natural Sciences Academy. Corresponding Member of the International "Ararat" Academy (France)


Honoured worker of Science of Armenia, the RA President Prize, Anania Shirakatsi Medal, Award of Prime-Minister of RA, Gold Medals of the Armenian Science and Education Ministry, Armenian Engng. Academy, Yerevan and Odessa State Universities, "2009 Gold Medal for Armenia" (USA), "For Contribution in World Science" (RF), "ArmTech’09 Congress" (USA)