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Hagop V. Panossian
Specialization: Mechanics
Date of birth: 08/06/1946
Membership: Foreign Member
Date of Election: 28.11.2008
Country: USA
Address: 18106, Miranda st., Tarzana, CA91356, USA
Phone number: (818) 586 96 60
Fax: (818) 881-0010
E-mail: hpanossian {[ at ]}



Adjunct Professor of the California State University

Membership of other Organizations

Founder and organizer of the ARPA Institute, and President of the Board of Directors (since 1992), senior member of IEEE, Associate Technical Fellow of AIAA


Was awarded with Rockwell Int'l, Rocketdyne President's Award for "Outstanding Achievements in Problem Resolving Through Applying NOPD to Graphic Division Printing Press Cylinders" (July, 1992), Rockwell Int'l "Engineer of the Year" award for" distinguished contributions in developing non obstructive particle damping techniques for reducing severe structural vibrations in a wide range of product applications" (February, 1993), Rocketdyne "Engineer of the Year" award "In recognition of outstanding professional contributions to Rocketdyne, the community and to engineering progress" (January, 1993), Institute for the Advancement of Engineering, 'Distinguished Engineering Achievements" award for "Outstanding contributions to industry, education and government and the entire engineering community" (March, 1993)