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Levon M. Khachigian
Specialization: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
Date of birth: 06/03/1964
Membership: Foreign Member
Date of Election: 28.11.2008
Country: Australia
Phone number: (+61-2) 93 85 25 37
Fax: (+61-2) 93 85 13 89
E-mail: L.Khachigian {[ at ]}

BSc (Hons), PhD, DSc in biochemistry, cell, molecular pathobiology, Prof. of Pathology


Director at the Centre for Vascular Research, member of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia Fellow, NHMRC, Professor of Pathology

Membership of other Organizations

Past-President, Australian Society for Medical Research. Past-President, Australian Vascular Biology Society. Member, Editorial Boards of 12 journals including American Journal of Pathology and Endothelium


Was awarded with Australia Fellowship NHMRC, Commonwealth Health Minister's Award for Excellence in Health and Medical Research, GSK Australia Award for Research Excellence, Gottschalk Award from the Australian Academy of Science, Eureka Prize for Scientific Research, Eureka Prize for Medical Research, First Prize in the UNESCO-sponsored Khwarizmi International Award for Science and Technology