Members / Deceased Corresponding Members
Babken H. Harutyunyan
Specialization: History, Historical geography and Cartography of Armenia and Near East
Place of birth: Yerevan, Armenia
Date of birth: 04/03/1941
Date of death: 26/02/2013
Membership: Corresponding Member

Graduated from YSU, faculty of History (1962) and Jurisprudence (1977). Dr. of Historical Sciences (1944), prof. (2005), corr. member (2006)


Academician Secretary of NAS RA (since 2007)

Membership of other Organizations

Full member of International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Sosiety (1999), "Ararat" (2001, France) and "Eurpaeische Academie der Naturwissenschaften" (2006, Hannover) academies


Honored with "Golden medal" of YSU (1999), medal of "Movses Khorenatsi" (2006) and "Albert Shweitzer-Medaille", orders of "Catherine the Great" and "Golden Eagle with crown"

Other information

Lecturer of YSU (1967-69), Senior lecturer (1969-72), Associate professor (1972-94), prof. (since 1994), Din of the Faculty of History (1993-2004) and Din-coordinator of the foreign students of YSU (1970-71), Director of the publishing house "Yerevani hamalsaran" (1985-88), Scientific chief of the "Laboratory of Historical Geography and Cartography of Armenia" of YSU (from 1988 till now), Head of the chair of History of Armenia's contiguous countries of YSU (1997-2000) and Head of the chair of History of Armenia (2003-2007).