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Yervant Terzian
Specialization: Astronomy
Place of birth: Alexandria, Egypt
Date of birth: 09/02/1939
Membership: Foreign Member
Phone number: +1-607-255-4935
Fax: +1-607-255-1767
E-mail: terzian {[ at ]}

Graduated from Indiana University (USA, 1963)


David C. Duncan Professor, Cornell University, USA; Director of NASA New York State Space Grant program; Chairman of Research Council of ANSEF; Chairman of the US SKA Consortium of universities and institutes; Co-President of the Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS)

Membership of other Organizations

Foreign member of NAS RA (1990), International Astronomical Union (IAU, 1967), International Scientific Radio Union, American Astronomical Society, Sigma Xi (Scientific Research Society), Astronomical Society of New York, Society for Scientific Exploration, Hellenic Astronomical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Founding member of Armenian Astronomical Society (ArAS, 2001)


Honorary Doctor of Indiana (USA, 1989), Yerevan State (Armenia, 1994), Thessaloniki (Greece, 1997), and Union College (USA, 1999) Universities; Clark Distinguished Teaching Award (Cornell Univ., 1984), Gold medal of Armenian Ministry of Education and Science (2008)