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Ruben S. Vardanyan
Specialization: Chemistry of physiological active compounds
Place of birth: Yerevan
Date of birth: 20/03/1949
Membership: Academician
Phone number: (520) 621 8617
E-mail: vardanyr {[ at ]}

Graduated from YSU (1971), cand. (chem.) (1974), Dr. of Chem. Sciences (1986), professor (1988), corr. member (1994), acad. (1996)


Professor of the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA (2006 up to date)

Other information

Head of laboratory of analgesics and their antagonists in the Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry after A. Mnjoyan of NAS RA (1984-1995). Deputy Director of Medicines and Medical Technologies Agency of RA (1994-1998). Founder and Head of the recreated Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of YSU (1998-2002). Researcher of the University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona, USA, 2002-2006). Professor of University of Arizona (2006 up to date). Author of more than 120 scientific articles in leading journals, including 5 overviews, 4 books, 25 patents