Members / Academicians
Vilen P. Hakobyan
Specialization: Pharmacology
Place of birth: v.Garnahovit (r. Tallin)
Date of birth: 01/05/1938
Membership: Academician
Address: 24, Marshall Baghramyan Ave., Yerevan 0019, Republic of Armenia
Phone number: (+374 10) 525805
E-mail: hvilen {[ at ]}

Graduated from YSMI (1960). Doctor of Medical Sciences (1978), prof. (1980), acad. (1994, corr. member 1990)


Counselor of the Presidium of NAS RA (since 2016), Academician-Secretary of the Division of the Natural Sciences of NAS RA (2006-2016), Member of the Presidium of NAS RA (2000-2016)

Membership of other Organizations

Member of International Academy of Medical Sciences, Poland Academy of Medicine (Warsaw, Poland), the Medical-Technical Sciences Academy, the International Academy of Informatization (Moscow), the International Union of Pharmacologists (IUPHAR)


Awards with Gold medals of Albert Shveycer, Mesrop Mashtots, Мkhitar Heraci, Vernadsky, F.Nansen, Drastamat Kanayan, “Motherly Appreciation” NKR, AMTS RF, Head of the Police RA, Sparapet V.Sargsyan, “Garegin Njdeh” of Minister of Defense RA, Prime Minister RA, MSE RA – twice, St. Nerses Shnorhali, St.Saak-St.Mesrop and Prize of President of Armenia, titles of “Honorary Citizen” of Yerevan and Honoured Science Worker

Other information

The deputy dean of the medical faculty (1971-1972), the dean of foreign students (1972-1979), the dean of the medical faculty (1979-1983), the pro-rector (1986-1987) and the Rector (1987-2006) of the YSMU, President of the Council of Trust of Scientific-Medical Center Izmirlyan (Surb Nerses Mets) (2010-till now), adviser of the Rector of the YSMU.
Author of 7 monographs, 3 textbooks, 11 teaching aids, 21 patents and more than 350 scientific publications