Members / Deceased academicians
Sergey V. Grigoryan
Specialization: Geochemistry
Place of birth: Vardenis, Armeniq
Date of birth: 12/04/1934
Date of death: 26/12/2016
Membership: Academician

Graduated from Moscow Institute of Nonferrous Metals and Gold (1952). Dr. Geological Sciences (1971), prof. (1976), acad. (1990, cor.-member 1986)


Chair of the Council on Earth Sciences of NAS RA. Counselor of the Director of the Institute of Geological Sciences of NAS RA

Membership of other Organizations

Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Member of New-York Academy of Sciences. President of International Association of cooperation in ecology, geology and geochemistry (CIS countries)


Was awarded with medal of Red Banner of Labour

Other information

Chief geologist of All-Union geological - geochemical trust (М., 1964-1966), Head of a department (М., 1966-1976), the deputy director of science (1976-1986) of Institute of rare metals, the deputy director of scientific research institute of geology of foreign countries (М., 1993-1999), director of Institute of geology (1987-1992). Lecturer in YSU, MSU (1964-1999).