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October 02, 2014
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"Gitutyun" weekly
July-August 2014

Foreign Members

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  • Sergei I. Adian (Mathematics)
  • Vladimir Е. Agabekov (Physical chemistry)
  • Sos S. Agaian (Informatics)
  • Mihran S. Agbabian (Seismology and earthquake-proof construction)
  • Felix Aharonian (Astrophysics of High Energy, Cosmology)
  • Serguei A. Aivazian (Mathematics)
  • Georges Alecian (Аstrophysics)
  • Bagrat G. Alekyan (Cardiovascular Surgery)
  • Georgi G. Alexanyan (Chemical physics)
  • Rafael Ambartzumian (Laser Physics)
  • Garabed J. Antranikian (Technical Microbiology, Biotechnology)
  • Diran Apelian (Technical Sciences)
  • Vartkess A. Apkarian (Chemical physics, Physical chemistry)
  • Ani Aprahamyan (Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics)
  • Yuri D. Apresyan (Linguistics)
  • Aram V. Arutyunov (Мathematics)
  • Vladimir S. Arutyunov (Chemical Physics)
  • Robert A. Arutyunyan (Мechanics)
  • Sergey V. Avakyan (Physics of near earth’s space, Physics of ionosphere (aeronomy))
  • Sergei E. Avetisov (Ophthalmology)
  • Edmond (Yervand) Azadian (Literature)
  • Vylen V. Azatyan (Chemical physics)
  • Ruben I. Azizyan (Oncology, plastic surgery)
  • Alexandr S. Baghdasaryan (Acoustoelectronics, Physical Electronics, Microelectronics Technology)
  • Roger Balian (Nuclear Physics)
  • Kevork Bardakjian (Study of Literature)
  • Bruce Boghosian (Mathematics, scientific computation)
  • Lusegen A. Bugaev (Condensed Matter Physics, Physical Chemistry X-Ray Absorption (XAS) Spectroscopy and Photoelectron Spectroscopy)
  • Ruben K. Chailakhyan (Cells medicine)
  • Tigran Chalikian (Biophysics)
  • George V. Chilingarian (Geology)
  • Arthur N. Chilingarov (Geography)
  • Aram Chobanian (Medicine, cordiology)
  • Aleksandr Chubaryan (History)
  • Taniel Danelian (Geology)
  • Ara V. Darzi (Medicine, Oncology, Surgery)
  • Anaïd Donabédian (Linguistics)
  • Stepan Essaian (Solid-state Physics and Optoelectronics)
  • Stephan Fauve (Nonlinear Physics, Hydrodynamic instabilities and turbulence, Acoustics, Magnetohydrodynamics)
  • Grigori A. Gabrielyants (Geology)
  • Spartak S. Gevorgian (Microwave electronics, Applied Physics)
  • Vartan Gregorian (History)
  • Samvel S. Grigoryan (Mechanics)
  • Suren A. Grigoryan (Mathematics)
  • Irene Guessarian (Informatics and Computer Science)
  • Arshak Hajian (Mathematics)
  • Stephen Hanessian (Сhemistry)
  • Sergei A. Harutiunov (Ethnography)
  • Nina D. Harutiunova (Linguistics)
  • Jurik V. Harutjunjan (Sociology)
  • Richard Hovhannisian (History)
  • Gerbert L. Kamalov (Organic Chemistry)
  • Eduard A. Karakhanov (Chemistry, petroleum chemistry)
  • Mishik Kazaryan (Metal Vapor Lasers, Laser Microscopy, Laser Acceleration of Microparticles, Nanotechnology, Biophysics)
  • Raymond (Haroutiun) Kevorkian (History)
  • Levon M. Khachigian (Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology)
  • Haig Khatchadourian (Philosophy)
  • Ashot Khrimian (Organic chemistry)
  • Serge Kirkiacharian (Pharmacological chemistry)
  • Armen N. Kocharian (Physics)
  • Karen N. Kocharyan (Radiophysics and electronics)
  • Artak E. Kostanyan (Inorganic chemistry)
  • Dickran Kouymjian (Armenology)
  • Vladimir N. Kukudzhanov (Mechanics)
  • Roper V. Kyulpenkyan (History)
  • Abel Lajtha (Biochemistry)
  • Jean-Pierre Mahe (History, armenology)
  • Garegin Markarian (Information science)
  • Boris P. Martirosyan (Pedagogy)
  • Ito Masao (Physiology)
  • Gagik G. Melikyan (Organic chemistry)
  • Ruben G. Melkonyan (Inorganic chemistry)
  • Vladimir S. Miasnikov (Sinology)
  • Aram Robert Minasian (Microwave Photonics)
  • Levon Minnetyan (Mechanics)
  • Ruben S. Mirzoyan (Medicine, Pharmacology)
  • Nver M. Mkhitarian (Engineer-constructor-technologist)
  • Arshag D. Mooradian (Medicine, endocrinology)
  • Zadig Magardici H. Mouradian (Solar physics)
  • Armen (Claude) Z. Moutafian (History)
  • Oganes (Jon) A. Nersisyan (Medicine, surgery)
  • Arnauld E. Nicogossian (Space medicine, biology)
  • Yuri T. Ogannessian (Nuclear Physics)
  • Sukyas S. Ordanyan (Inorganic chemistry)
  • Yuri F. Orlov (Physics)
  • Victor Pambuccian (Mathematics)
  • Hagop V. Panossian (Mechanics)
  • Ivan M. Papisov (Polymer chemistry)
  • Adrian V. Parsegian (Biophysics)
  • Denise Paulin (Molecular and Cells Biology)
  • Vahe Petrosian (Theoretical Astrophysics, Cosmology)
  • Leon H. Petrosjan (Applied mathematics)
  • Valery S. Petrosyan (Organic chemistry)
  • Mikhail B. Piotrovsky (General history)
  • Arshak S. Poghossian (Semiconductor electronics)
  • Michael A. Pogosyan (Technical Science)
  • Vehary A. Sakanyan (Microbiology, Biotechnology)
  • William K. Sarian (Radio physics)
  • Oganes O. Sarukhanyan (Medicine, surgery)
  • Levon A. Saryan (Biochemistry, ecology)
  • Sergey B. Seredinin (Medicine, Pharmacology)
  • Alexander P. Seyranian (Mechanics)
  • Ruben P. Seysyan (Micro(nano)electronics, Nanolithography, Semiconductor Spectroscopy)
  • Henrik Shahgholian (Mathematics)
  • Aleksandr L. Simonian (Biotechnology)
  • Simon Simonian (Medicine)
  • Patrick Soukiassian (Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Nanochemistry, Semiconductors, Synchrotron Radiation Experiments)
  • Mezhlum A. Sumbatyan (Mechanics)
  • Goino Tadashi (Ecology)
  • Vahagn N. Tatrian (History)
  • Armen S. Ter-Kiureghian (Mechanics)
  • Abraham Terian (Philology)
  • Yervant Terzian (Astronomy)
  • Zhirayr Teteyan (Armenology)
  • James Timourian (Mathematics)
  • Megerdich M. Toomanian (Mathematics)
  • Garegin A. Tosunyan (Jurisprudence)
  • Victor A. Tutelyan (Medicine, Biochemistry, Toxicology)
  • Gabriella Uluhogian (History and Philology)
  • Nikolaos Uzunoglu (Communication and computer systems)
  • Pogos L. Zekiyan (History)
  • Armen Zemanian (Mathematics)
  • Yervant Zorian (Computer Engineering and Microelectronics)

    On September 19, 2014, the workshop “Scientific Computing Challenges” will be held in Yerevan, organized by National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia and Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA with the support of EUFP7 Project INARMERA-ICT

    “The First World War and the Armenians (History and actual problems)” to be held on October 1-2, 2014 in Yerevan organized by National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia and Yerevan State University

    On October 7-9, 2014, “Relation of Astronomy to other Sciences, Culture and Society” meeting will take place in Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, devoted to the role of astronomy in science, culture and other fields of human activity and development of these fields due to the knowledge obtained from the Universe

    On 7-10 October 2014 the IV Symposium of Armenian Chemical Society (with international participation) “Achievements and Problems” will be held in Yerevan on 7-8 October in the National Academy of Sciences of RA (Marshal Baghramyan ave.24) and will be continued on 9-10 October in Vanadzor State University after H. Tumanyan, organized by the Armenian Chemical Society, Scientific Technological Center of Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Vanadzor State University after H. Tumanyan

    On October 15 – November 15, 2014, the Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA is organizing the training course on “The basics of Bioethics. Bioethical Expertise in Biomedical and Clinical Studies”

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