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"Armbiotechnology" Scientific and Production Center
"Armbiotechnology" Scientific and Production Center
Division of Natural Sciences
Specialisation: Biotechnology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Ecology, Food and Agricultural Safety
Founded year: 2010
Director: Academician, Dr. of Chem. Sci., Professor
Ashot S. Saghyan
Address: 14 Gyurjyan Str., 0056 Yerevan, Armenia
Phone number: (+374 10) 654180
Fax: (+374 10) 654183
E-mail: armbiotech {[ at ]}
General Information

“Armbiotechnology” Scientific and Production Center NAS RA, State non-profit organization (“Armbiotechnology” SPC SNPO NAS RA), was established by the RA Government Decision in 2010 as a result of merging the “Scientific Research Institute of Biotechnology” CJSC and “Center of Microbiology and Microbial Depository” NAS RA. It is the legal successor of the joint organizations.

The “Institute of Biotechnology”, “Institute of Microbiology” and “Center of Microbial Depository” are institutions of the “Armbiotechnology” SPC NAS RA.

The following Associations are established and operate in the Center: “Biotechnological Association of Armenia” (BAA, 2007) and “Armenian Microbiological Association” (AMA, 2009). The latter exercising its full membership rights is included into the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS).

The Center has 127 researchers including 1 Academician of NAS RA, 1 Corresponding Member of NAS RA, 8 Doctors of Sciences and 54 Candidates of Sciences.

Main Fields of Activity
  • Fundamental research in biotechnology, microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, genetic engineering and organic chemistry.
  • Synthesis, production of protein and non-protein amino acids, peptides, enzymes and other biological preparations.
  • Development and optimization of biotechnological processes of BAS production.
  • Medical and biological screening of synthesized preparations.
  • Genetics, gene engineering, genetic construction of producers.
  • Solution of urgent problems in medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, food industry and ecology.
  • Study of microbial diversity of Armenia. Maintenance, deposition and study of the Collection of microorganisms’ cultures of research and production significance.
  • Scientific-research grants, contracts.
  • Scientific-educational activity.
  • Biotechnological productions (non-protein amino acids, biological fertilizers, fermented dairy products, galenical and non-galenical preparations).

Main scientific activities

- Biomimetic asymmetric synthesis. Development of efficient methods for the asymmetric synthesis of enantiomerically pure non-protein amino acids, peptides and their analogs used in pharmaceutics, PET diagnostics.
- Biotransformation and biocatalysis. Production of amino acids, enzyme preparations, polysaccharides and other biologically active substances (BAS).
- Microbiological synthesis. Search, production of BAS producing strains (L-, D-amino acids, enzymes, bioinhibitors, biostimulators, biofertilizers, bacterial insecticides) for the needs of medicine, pharmaceutical and food industries, agriculture.
- Biopreparations and bioadditives. Development of techniques for producing BAS for food, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes.
- Management of biotechnological processes. Development of fundamentally new technological approaches of management.
- Processing of agricultural and food waste products. Development of efficient technologies.
- Study of microbial biodiversity of atmenia: systematics, taxonomy, morphology, physiology, biochemistry, cytology and genetics of microorganisms.

Main Results
  • Production of non-protein optically active (R)- and (S) α-amino acids and short peptides was set up.
  • Production of biological fertilizers “Azotovit” “Ecobiofeed” and “Ecobiofeed+” based on free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria was set up.
  • High-yield producers of L-amino acids (proline, valine, alanine, ornithine, arginine, histidine) were obtained by gene-engineering and selective methods. More than 20 technological regulations for production of L-amino acids were developed.
  • To produce D-amino acids (alanine, aspartic acid, proline, methionine, leucine), microbial degradation and enzymatic hydrolysis methods were developed.
  • Technologies for production of enzyme preparations (amylase, glucoamylase, bactorennine) for food industry were developed.
  • Manufacture of health-improving vegetable and fruit-berry syrups, inuline, fructose and fructose-glucose syrups, β-cyclodexrins, plant and essential oils for medical and cosmetic purposes, was established.
  • Production of the fermented dairy product "Narine", yoghurts was organized.
  • Technologies for producing new bacterial insecticidal preparations and growth inhibitors of infectious diseases agents were developed.
  • The Collection of cultures of microorganisms (more than 13000 strains) was created. 
International Activity

The Center successfully collaborates with a number of scientific-research and industrial organizations of the USA, EU, CIS, China that resulted in fulfillment of joint scientific research projects and contracts within the framework of the following programs: INCO-COPERNICUS, ISTC, INTAS, CRDF, NFSAT, ANSEF, EURASIA, NATO, VOLKSWAGEN.

For contribution in the development of biotechnology and achievements in scientific collaboration the Center and, particularly, director of the Center, Academician of NAS RA, Ashot S. Saghyan were awarded “Descartes Prize” (EU, 2001), “Award of Friendship” (the Government of the Chinese People's Republic, 2002), “Golden Star” Special Prize of the International Business Initiative Directions Organization in the category “Quality and Leadership” (“International Quality Star Award”, 2003), RA President’s Prizes (2004, 2011), State Prize of RA (2016), “Tien-Shan” Prize (the Government of Xinjiang province, China, 2002, 2005), RA Prime Minister’s Diploma (2006).

Latest Announcements
In the framework of BSH project National Academy of Sciences of RA announces 3rd call for networking grants for participation in Brokerage Events related to Horizon2020 as well as in Preparatory Meetings for the development of concrete project proposals for selected thematic calls within H2020

International Scientific-Educatioanl Cente of NAS RA announces admission to master programs for 2017-2018

In the framework of EaP Plus project National Academy of Sciences of RA announces call for networking grants for participation in Brokerage Events related to Horizon2020 as well as in Preparatory Meetings for the development of concrete project proposals for selected thematic calls within H2020

L. Orbeli Institute of Physiology of NAS RA announces the beginning of Hands-on Course on Tissue Engineering which will be organized during FALL SEMESTER (September -December 2017) every Tuesday and Thursday from 3.00pm until 5.00pm

С 12-го по 18-oe сентября 2017г. Институт геологических наук НАН РА организует 42 симпозиум Международной комиссии по истории геологических наук (INHIGEO) в Ереване. С подробностями можно ознакомиться на сайте:

At the initiative of the Union of young scientists and specialists of Artsakh and with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, the 2nd International Youth Conference entitled "Problems and Prospects of Artsakh's International Recognition” will be held on 14-17 September, 2017, in Stepanakert

On 18-22 September, 2017, Department of Physics and Astrophysics of NAS RA and Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory after V.A. Ambartsumian of NAS RA organize International Symposium "Star formation and star formation regions" in Byurakan. For more information see:

On 19-22 September, 2017, Department of Physics and Astrophysics of NAS RA and the Institute for Physical Research of NAS RA organize

VI international conference "Modern problems of plants soilless (hydroponics) and tissue in vitro cultures" will take place in the Institute of Hydroponics Problems after G.S. Davtyan NAS RA (Yerevan, Noragyugh 108) on 21-23 September, 2017

On 25-28 September, 2017, Institute for Informatics and Automation problems of NAS RA organizes 11th International Conference on "Computer Science and Information Technologies - CSIT-2017" (Yerevan, Armenia). For more information see:

On 25-29 September, 2017, the V International Conference on "Chemistry and Chemical Technologies" will be held in Yerevan, organized by the M.G. Manvelyan Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry NAS RA and Division of Chemistry and Earth Sciences NAS RA

On 28-30 September, 2017, the IV International Scientific Conference of Young Researchers "Biotechnology: Science and Practice" organized by the Scientific&Production Center "Armbiotechnology" NAS RA will be held in Yerevan

In September, 2017, the Institute of Molecular Biology NAS RA organizes the International Young Scientists School

On 2-6 October, 2017, the Institute of Mechanics of NAS RA, Ishlinsky Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of Armenia, Russian National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Goris State University organize 5th International Conference on "Topical problems of Continuum Mechanics" (Goris, Armenia).Fo

On 3-7 October, 2017 the V Symposium of Armenian Chemical Society (with international participation)

On 8-14 October 2017 the 5th IGCP 630 Field Workshop

2018թ. փետրվարին Թեհրանում կայանալու է Khwarizmi միջազգային մրցանակաբաշխությունը, որը կազմակերպում է Իրանի Իսլամական Հանրապետության Գիտության, հետազոտության և տեխնոլոգիայի նախարարության Իրանի գիտության և տեխնոլոգիայի հետազոտական կազմակերպությունը: Մրցանակաբաշխությանը մասնակցելու համար անհրաժեշտ է մինչև 2017թ. հոկտեմբերի 10-ը գրանցվել և ներկայացնել պահանջվող փաստաթղթերն առցանց՝ էլեկտրոնային հասցեով

On October 11-13, 2017 H. Buniatian Institute of Biochemistry of NAS RA and the Armenian Association of Biochemists organize the 2nd International conference "Armenian Women Achievements in Biological Sciences" supported by the State committee of science of MES RA

On 16-22 October, 2017, Department of Physics and astrophysics of NAS RA and Institute of Applied Problems of Physics NAS RA is organizing the traditional International conference on

The Institute of Biochemistry after H. Buniatyan of the NAS RA is pleased to announce the International Young Scientists Conference "The Past, Present and Future" dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the founder of the Institute academician H. Buniatian, which will be held on 7-8 of November, 2017 in Yerevan

The Institute of Literature after M. Abeghyan of the National Academy of Sciences of RA organizes a republican scientific session for the Young literary theorists, which will take place in Yerevan from 14-15, December, 2017

Publications in Press
Աստղադիտարանում կանցկացվի չորրորդ Բյուրականյան գիտաճամբարը
Նամակ Նորընծա Դոկտորին
Предназначение Академии-Фундаментальные Исследования, говорит в интервью "ГА" президент НАН РА Радик Мартиросян
«Հենց հեռացնեն Ամուլսարի ոսկու հանքը ծածկող շերտերը, այն կդառնա թթու արտադրող հսկայական գեներատոր, որն արդեն դժվար կլինի կանգնեցնել»
Ակադեմիկոս, պրոֆեսոր, ՀՀԿ անդամ Յուրի Ալեքսանյանի բաց նամակը վարչապետին
Վիկտոր Համբարձումյանի անվան մրցանակային գումարը` 500 000 դոլար, պետք է այլ կերպ տնօրինել
Սերժ Սարգսյանն այցելել է Բյուրականի աստղադիտարան և Աշտարակի մարզադպրոց
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