Members / Deceased academicians
Vladimir B. Barkhudarian
Specialization: History
Place of birth: vil.Aghkyorpi (Georgia)
Date of birth: 22/09/1927
Date of death: 23/03/2017
Membership: Academician

Graduated from YSU (1950). Dr. of Hist. Sciences (1970), Prof. (1973), Acad. (1994, Corr. member 1986)


Counselor of the Presidium of NAS RA (since 2011), Member of the Presidium of NAS RA (1990-2011)

Membership of other Organizations

Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Nature and Society (1998)


Was awarded with Orders of "Badge of Honor" of USSR, St. Mesrop Mashtots of RA, St. Sahak – St. Mashtots of Holy Etchmiadzin, Gold medal of Ministry of Education and Science of RA, Medal of Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Other information

Junior research worker of the State Museum of history of Armenia (1955-1958). Junior research worker (1958-1959), Senior research worker (1963-1967), Scientific Secretary (1959-1963), Deputy Director (1967-1990) of the Institute of History of NAS RA. Academician-Secretary (1990-2000), Vice-President - Academician-Secretary (2000-2005) of NAS RA, Academician-Secretary of the Division of Armenology and Social Sciences (2006-2011), Vice-President - Academician-Secretary of the Department of Humanities of NAS RA (2005-2006). Merited Scientist of the Republic of Armenia (2003)