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Vehary A. Sakanyan
Specialization: Microbiology, Biotechnology
Date of birth: 28/10/1950
Membership: Foreign Member
Date of Election: 28.11.2008
Country: France
Address: 29 Avenue Provence 44700, ORVAULT, France
Phone number: (0033) 02 51 12 56 20
Fax: 33-(0)2 51 12 56 26
E-mail: Vehary.Sakanyan {[ at ]}, v.sakanyan {[ at ]}

Dr of Microbiology, Prof.


Professor of University of Nantes

Membership of other Organizations

Member of association of microbiologists of France, member of association of molecular biology and biochemistry of France, member of the American association of development of science


The winner of the premium for introduction of the newest technologies, awarded with a Medal by name of N. Vavilov