Members / Deceased academicians
Grigor A. Gurzadyan
Specialization: Astrophysics
Place of birth: Baghdad (Iraq)
Date of birth: 15/10/1922
Date of death: 23/02/2014
Membership: Academician

Graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute (1944). Doctor of Physics & Mathematics, prof. (1955), corr. member (1965), acad. (1986)


Head of Garni Space Astrophysical Institute (1977-2002), chairman of the board of directors of “Galaktica” CJSC (since 2006), now is Retired

Membership of other Organizations

International Astronomical Union (IAU, 1950)


Honoured Science Worker of ArmSSR (1975), decorated with Order of “Honorary Sign”